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Redpoint helps business leaders achieve lasting, positive change for themselves and their businesses.

In rock climbing, to Redpoint is to lead a climb without falling or making a mistake after practicing on several attempts. At Redpoint, we provide the support and expertise you need to take your company or career to new heights. Founders Lauren Owen and Urs Koenig bring decades of experience and deep knowledge of proven leadership strategies to guide business owners, founders and successful executives in the corporate and not–for-profit world.

Our Services

Succession Planning

Our start-to-finish services for a successful ownership transition include:

  • choosing the right succession strategy
  • recruiting the successor
  • executing effective leadership transitions
  • protecting and building upon family relationships in family businesses
  • ensuring business continuity by maximizing performance and value

Leadership Coaching

Keys to our proven strategy for achieving lasting, positive change include:

  • engaging all stakeholders with a systems approach
  • transforming ineffective behaviors with highly targeted coaching
  • focusing on results instead of process
  • continually evaluating success

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